Share. Sync. Connect. Everything.

Quickly share content across devices. Push, copy and paste everything. Mirror your notifications and start SMS conversations on your Mac.

Drag texts, images, files and links for instant sharing...

Easily share your screen (or a part of it) with other devices and friends..

Reply to SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, Telegram (and more) messages from your Mac...

Receive your phone notifications on your Mac and act on them. Seemlessly integrated.

A few more features...

PushPal lives in the menu bar

Conveniently available in the Mac OS X menu bar, sharing anything is always a breeze. Drag & drop or a few clicks and your're done.

Complete control over your account

Access your data directly within PushPal. Send and delete pushes, add friends, rename or delete devices, (un)subscribe from Pushbullet channels.

Keep your phone in your pocket

Start new SMS conversations right from your Mac. No need to reach out for your phone.

Set it the way you like it

Configure PushPal to fit your needs. Something missing? Want to request a feature? Drop us a line!

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